In July 2012 I filmed and edited a short video for the Business School EALDE, located in Madrid (Spain). The objective was to document the diploma awards and to interview the students about their experience in this School. I used my Canon 600D Camera.

In May 2012 I was asked to edit a video for the shoes brand Wonders. The aim of this video was to thank everybody that participated in the ‘Madre no hay más que una’ contest. They provided me the pictures and the music and I did the edition and script.

In June 2012 the Brand Equity Executive Director of Moleskine, Maria Sebregondi talked about their brand concept in the Festival Iberoamericano de Comunicación. This short video was filmed and edited by me. It summarizes Sebregondi’s main ideas and tries to make the spectator understand the brand concept and the Festival. I used three cameras: Panasonic HDC – SD40, Canon 250D and Canon 350D.

In April 2012 I participated in a conquest called Expresarte organized by the University of Navarre (Spain). The topic was “street art” and I did a short silent film with my JVC Everio camera. I decided not to make any new picture for the video but using the pictures that I already kept in the camera, experimenting with my own ‘found footage’.

In March 2012 I joined a workshop organized by the International Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) in Bilbao (Spain). The activity consisted on filming and editing a three minutes interview in a few hours. This is what I did with my JVC Everio camera.

In June 2011 I was hired by the NGO Zabalketa (Spain) to film and edit a documentary in The Philippines. The objective of the short documentary was to explain the NGO’s work in the rural areas of the country. I called it ‘The Philippines. Democracy Under Construction’ and I used a Panasonic HDC-SD40

In October 2011 I worked as the Assistant Director of the short movie ‘Cerrado Hasta El Lunes’ which was my group’s final University project. We won the University KINO Award. We used a Canon 600D


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